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Alba Sofa


Dimensions: 92W x 34H x 37D, 76SW, 19.5SH, 22SD, 23AH

Description: Sofa w/Loose Seat & Back, Metal Legs

Options:  Available w/Wood Legs

Alessia Sofa


Dimensions: See Schematic

Description: Sofa w/metal legs

As Shown: Arbiter Mist

Ava Sofa


Dimensions: 82W x 33H x 35D, 70SW, 19SH, 21SD, 24Ah, 140LBS

Description: Sofa w/Tufted Loose Back & Seat w/Metal Legs

As Shown: Divide Platinum

Options: Available w/Wooden Legs

Calcutta Sofa


Dimensions: 107W x 29H x 46D, 60SW, 16SH, 25SH, 140LBS

Description: Curved Sofa w/22" toss pillows & metal legs

As Shown: In Leather

Options: Also available with wood legs

Celebrity Sofa


Dimensions: 89W x 33H x 39D, 77SW, 17SH, 26SD, 25AH

Description: Loose Back & Seat Welt Accent Sofa w/Wood Base

As Shown: Weldon Oatmeal, Overcast Finish

Clarice Sofa


Dimensions: 86W x 32H x 38D, 18SH, 20SD, 25AH, 150LBS

Description: Clarice Sofa w/ 2-18" Knife Toss Pillows -Feather Float Inserts & Metal Legs

As Shown: Teck Charcoal

Options: Also available w/Wood Legs.  Seat Cushions DO NOT Reverse



Description: Bench Seat Sofa w/ Wood Base

As Shown:  Espresso Finish


Comodo Sofa


Dimensions: 91W x 28.5D x 34D, 17SH, 23SD, 140LBS

Description: Tight Seat, Tufted Back Sofa w/1-16x25, 1-11x21 toss & Wood Legs

As Shown:  Body Disc Fabric, Pillows Chaos Bluemoon, Ashe Finish

Ego Sofa


Dimensions:  90W x 36H x 42D, 74SW, 18SH, 22SD, 23AH, 140lbs

Description:  Loose Seat & Back Sofa w/Toss Pillows & Wood Feet

As Shown:  Body Mastery Snow, 18 Toss in Dapper Concrete, 12x20 Toss in Witty Icing, Old English Finish



Flamingo Curved Sofa


Dimensions: 90W x 28H x 37D, 18SH, 21SD, 22AH, 140LBS

Description: Curved Sofa w/Loose Seat, Single Row Buttons inside Back w/Metal Legs

As Shown: Oro Taupe

Options: Available with Wood Legs

Fontaine Sofa


Dimensions: 90W x 28H x 44D, 82SW, 18SH, 24SD, 23AH

Description: Loose Seat & Back Sofa w/Oversize Lumbar Pillows

As Shown: Wildwood Stone



Garrett Sofa


Dimensions: 88W x 34H x 37D, 72SW, 19SH, 22SD, 140LBS

Description: Loose Seat & Back Sofa w/Wood Feet. Trillium Inserts in Backs & 18" Toss Pillows.

As Shown: Moonstruck Pearl, Espresso Finish


Jared Sofa


Dimensions: 91W x 31H x 38D, 77SW, 19SH, 23SD, 31AH, 200lbs

Description: Button Tufted Tight Back & Loose Seat Welted Sofa w/ 2-18" Knife Edge, 2-7 x 22 Bolster Pillows, Wood Base & Legs


572214, P0740

Dimensions: 102W, 36H, 40D, 125lbs

Description: Armless Sofa

As Shown:  Raboy Alabaster w/Umber Finish, Contrast 7x40 Bolster Pillows: Weldon Oatmeal (not standard)


Kubix Sofa


Dimensions: 90W x 29H x 44D, 70SW, 17SH, 25.5SD, 20AH

Description: Sofa w/Loose Seat & Back, Wide Arms, Toss Pillows & Wood Feet

Options: Also available w/Metal Legs

Langdon II Sofa


Dimensions: 98W x 33H x 39D, 90SW, 18SH, 24SD

Description: Sofa w/Bolster Pillows, Wood Feet

As Shown: Body Disc Leather, Bolsters Rebel Ivory,  Umber Finish

Lucia Armless Sofa w/LS Bumper


As Shown: Armless Sofa W/Left Side Bumper

Malaga Sofa


Dimensions: 105W x 38H x 49D, 81SW, 21SH, 26SD, 200LBS

Description: Sofa w/Loose Seats, Backs & Toss in 90/10 Down,  w/Nailheads

Monaco Sofa


Dimensions: 91W X 34H x 40D, 81SW, 19.5SH, 25SD, 27AH, 150LBS

Description: Sofa w/Loose Seat & Back, 4-20" Toss Pillows, Wood Feet-Side Base

Odyssey II Sofa


Dimensions: 102W x 41H x 35D, 18SH, 21SD, 200lbs

Description: Tufted Back Armless Sofa w/Left High Back, Incl 1-22" & 1-18" Knife Edge Pillows

Options: Also available w/Right High Back

As Shown:  Body Acta Mushroom, Back Stork Alabaster, Pillows Flare Cement


Pantera Sofa


Dimensions: 88W x 35H x 36.5D, 69SW, 18.5SH, 22SD, 25.5AH, 140lbs

Description: Sofa w/Tight Back & Seat, Welt & Metal Legs

Options: Available with Wood Legs

Paramount Sofa


Dimensions: 86W x 33H x 36D, 78SW, 19SH, 21SD, 25AH, 140LBS

Description: Sofa w/Loose Seat & Back, Tufted Back & Wood Legs

Pesaro Sofa


Dimensions: 99W x 36H x 38D, 81SW, 16SH, 21SD, 29AH, 140LBS

Description: Sofa w/Loose Seat & Back, 2-21" Toss Pillows & Metal Legs

As Shown: Body Lindy Snow, Pillows Cortez Graphite

Piazza Sofa


Dimensions: 92W x 31H x 38D, 72SW, 17SH, 21SD, 150LBS

Description: Sofa wTight Seat, Loose Back & w/Wood Legs

Options: Also available w/Metal Legs

Prague II Sofa


Dimensions: 83.5W x 36H x 35D, 67SW, 18SH, 22SD, 28AH, 120LBS

Description: Sofa w/Loose Seat, Wood Legs, Incl 2-7 x 22 Bolsters

Rave Sofa


Dimensions: 110W x 35H x 45D, 75SW, 18SH, 20SD, 25AH, 200lbs

Description: Curved Sofa w/Loose Seat & Back & Wood Legs

As Shown: Intrinsic Ash, Black Finish

Ross Sofa


Dimensions: 82W X 31H X 35D, 66SW, 18.5SH, 23SD, 25AH, 140LBS

Description: Condo Sofa w/Loose Seat & Metal Legs

Options: Also available w/Wood Legs

Scarlet Sofa


Dimensions: 87W, 32H, 36D, 71SW, 20SH, 24SD

Description:  Loose Seat Sofa, Channeled Inside Back w/ 20" Toss Pillows & Polished Chrome Legs

As Shown:  Body Idol Oyster, 2-Toss Maze Charcoal

Options: Also available w/Wood Legs



Series W Sofa


Dimensions: 91W X 35H X 37D, 78SW, 19SH, 23SD, 30AH

Description: Loose Back,Tufted Seat Sofa w/Wood Base & Legs, Incl 2-7x21 Bolsters

Soho Sofa


Dimensions: 82W x 36H x 35D, 71SW, 20SH, 20SD, 25AH, 150lbs

Description: Sofa, Loose Back & Seat w/Metal Legs

Options: Available w/Wood legs

Sutton Place Sofa


Dimensions: 88W x 34H x 37D, 72SW, 21SH, 22SD, 25.5AH, 220lbs

Description: Sofa Queen Sleeper w/Loose Back & Seat Cushions, incl 2-18" Knife Edge Pillows & Square Wood Feet


Tango II Sofa


Dimensions: 86W x 34H x 46D, 16SH, 24SD, 120lbs

Description: One Arm Sofa, Incl. 1- 20" Button Tufted Knife Edge Pillow w/Metal Legs, Shown LAF

Options: Available as RAF & with Wood Legs

York Sofa


Dimensions: 91W x 35H x 37D , 87SW, 19SH, 26SD, 30AH, 160lbs

Description: Sofa w/Loose Back & Seat Cushions, Incl. 2-7.5" x 22.5" Bolster Pillows, w/Wood Base & Legs

Geo Condo Sofa


Dimensions: See Schematic For All Dimensions

Description: Condo Sofa w/Loose Seat & Back, w/Wood or Metal Legs or Wood Base

Sutton Place II 2-Cushion Sofa



Dimensions: 88W x 34H x 37D, 72SW, 21SH, 22SD, 25AH, 220lbs

Description: Sofa w/Loose Back & Seat Cushions Incl. 2-18" Knife Edge Toss Pillows, w/Tapered Wood Block Feet

Basalto Low Arm Sofa


Dimensions:  92W x 28H x 30D, 69SW, 17SH, 23SD, 20AH, 110lbs

Description:  Low Arm Tight Seat, Button Detail Inside Back w/9.5x20.5 & 15x22 Toss Pillows, Wood Base & Legs

As Shown:  Body -Disc Fabric, Mystere Macaw & Enigma Multi Pillows, Winter Sky Finish


Corvo Condo Sofa


Dimensions: 89W x 34H x 37D, 72SW, 19SH, 22SD, 26AH, 200LBS

Description: Condo Sofa w/Loose Seat & Back & Wood Block Feet

Options: Available as 3/3

Flirt Sofa


Dimensions: 97W x 39H x 37D, 62SW, 19SH, 25SD, 160LBS

Description: Tight Seat Sofa w/Right High Back & Metal Legs

As Shown: Tess Cherry

Options: Available with Left High Back

Gemini Sofa


Dimensions: 97W x 29H x 39D, SH17, 110LBS

Description: Curved Sofa w/2 Boxed Pillows in 90/10 Down

As Shown: Seat- Disc Leather, Back Fever Pecoe, Pillows Modena Ash

Geo Large Sofa


Dimensions: 117W x 36H x 37D, 100SW, 20SH, 20SD, 25AH, 150LBS

Description: Large Sofa w/Loose Seat & Back, w/Metal Legs

Options: Available with Wood Legs or Wood Base

Harmony Sofa


Dimensions: 90W x 36H x 37D, 75SW, 20SH, 20SD, 25AH, 150LBS

Description: Loose Seat & Back Sofa w/Wood Base

Options: Available w/Wood or Metal Leg